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In School/College INSET

If you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from. These are all quality assured courses we have successfully run in the recent past.  They have been delivered exclusively by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.  98% of attendees state they would recommend our courses on their evaluation forms.

To narrow down the list of courses to only those in your chosen subject, simply click below on the area of expertise most applicable to you or your colleagues. Otherwise you will be scrolling all 800 teacher training days in alphabetical order!  If you're planning a Whole School INSET day, our unrivalled range of learning and teaching, pastoral care, behaviour, leadership and Special Educational Needs programmes may well prove of interest.

Once you find a course of interest (or if you already know the INSET topic you would like to run) click on the contact form link on this page, including prospective dates, and we will happily check availability for you.  We are offering a 20% discount on all INSET speakers booked in June and July.  This applies even if you are planning ahead for the next academic year.

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Growing Up and Relationships

Special Needs & Schools
This one-day course helps participants understand the issues around and relationships that may arise for pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), from early development - through the early teens - and into young adulthood. It explains how their journey through adolescence differs from that of typically developing young people - and offers helpful approaches to SRE and behaviour management.

Behaviour in Special Schools: A Whole-School Approach

Special Needs & Schools
The course will consider how all adults at school teach behaviour and influence pupils' teaching and learning. Delegates will learn how to adopt appropriate teaching styles thereby enhancing teaching and learning opportunities.

All delegates will learn how to improve their working relationships with pupils by giving clear messages about what behaviours are appropriate or inappropriate at school. All delegates will be shown how to respond to pupils' behaviour in a considered - least intrusive to most intrusive - stepped methodology

Can You Hear Me At The Back? Successfully including Pupils with Hearing Losses from Mild to Profound in your Mainstream Class

Special Needs & Schools
Information gained from this course will benefit ALL pupils - not just the hearing impaired.

Hearing Loss: Participants will be aware of all types of hearing loss from glue ear to permanent deafness and the implications for learning. Audio simulations will demonstrate the challenges pupils with even a mild hearing loss face every day.

Teaching Styles: Teaching, learning and support strategies will be explained - with the opportunity to tailor them according to individual teaching styles, classrooms and pupils.

Core Counselling Skills for SEN Pupils

Special Needs & Schools
This course will help you to develop the core counselling skills needed to communicate effectively with distressed and distressing pupils. Brenda will also explain strategies to help SEN pupils' self-esteem and to increase motivation. The training will also explore how extreme emotions impact on learning and provide you with practical techniques to help you deal with such challenging situations.

Core Skills for Middle Leaders in Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
This course identifies the key skills of effective leadership and applies them to the special school context. Staff from a range of settings in special schools will be able to audit their skills and then focus on a set of core skills that are crucial to effective leadership. The course will allow staff the opportunity to practice these skills and to develop their own personal action plan.

Counselling & Support Pupils with ASD

Special Needs & Schools
The Every Child Matters (ECM) green paper identified the five outcomes that are most important to children and young people: Be Healthy, Stay Safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a Positive Contribution, Achieve Economic Well Being.

Demonstrating Progression and Impact in your PRU

Special Needs & Schools
A National Conference for Heads of PRUs

Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) are expected to provide evidence to show that they are making progress and meeting the needs of all students. It is essential therefore for headteachers of PRUs to demonstrate the range of strategies they are using to drive improvement and to show the impact that these are having on student progress. The new self-evaluation form is critical in the recording and evidencing of this progress.

Developmental Profiling: Understanding why some Specific Labels Don't Fit

Special Needs & Schools
The drive for labelling and diagnosing pupils with specific learning difficulties has occurred as a result of provision and support being put into place as an outcome of labelling, in order for schools to categorise the difficulties in learning many pupils face. But research tells us that more children will not fit into a single specific category of need than do. In addition, research supports that students are much more likely to experience a "multiplicity of need" as apposed to a single simplistic area.

Effective Behaviour Management in the PRU: Practical Strategies for Support Staff

Special Needs & Schools
This one day course will offer practical strategies for teaching assistants and other support staff working in PRUs. It will focus on behaviour management and collaborative working as well as the benefits of using the SEAL initiative with vulnerable and challenging students in PRUs.
The day will be informative yet practical with a focus on providing real strategies for real issues with managing learning and motivating students.

Who should attend?
Teaching Assistants and support staff in Pupil Referral Units.

Key Inputs of the Day:

Effective Classroom Observation & Feedback in Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
This course is designed to develop the practical skills required in successfully observing lessons and giving high quality feedback. The course looks at what comprises an effective lesson in a variety of special school settings and moves through to how staff can make judgements based on an effective schedule of criteria - before tackling the crucial issue of giving quality feedback to colleagues.

Effective Teaching for the Dyslexic Student in the Examination Years

Special Needs & Schools
The course will give delegates a clear picture of the current state of knowledge of dyslexia and of other learning difficulties that can cause similar problems. This will include consideration of Sir James Rose's Report on Dyslexia and its implications for teachers.

Getting to 'Outstanding' in a PRU: A Day for PRU Staff and Leaders

Special Needs & Schools
This is a practical course which takes a pragmatic approach to the realities of delivering Outstanding provision in a PRU

The day will draw from real-world examples of Outstanding practice in PRUs, especially those which have anticipated many of the recommendations of the 'Back on Track' White Paper. It will also acknowledge that provision can only be effective if leadership and management is distributed amongst the whole team and examine ways in which the Self Evaluation process and School Improvement Partner can support this.

How can I make the world faiths meaningful for children in special schools?

Special Needs & Schools
Teachers will gain confidence in a curriculum area that some may see as challenging, too reliant on information and therefore difficult for children with special needs. Delegates will leave the course understanding how the subject can be made relevant and powerful for their pupils, at whatever level they are working.

How to make MFL accessible to Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Special Needs & Schools

This course will enable teachers and assistants to make learning a new language a successful and enjoyable experience for pupils who have special educational needs, but who do not have severe learning difficulties.

How to Teach and Manage Children with ADHD

Special Needs & Schools
ADHD is a diagnosis characterised by symptoms of extreme inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsivity. It is estimated to affect between 3-5% of school age pupils in the UK. You will explore and be provided with a range of practical strategies to help you to effectively teach, manage and support the ADHD pupils in all your lessons.

ICT across the Curriculum for Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
Delegates will have the opportunity to work through a project within their school setting that will engage SEN learners. The course will provide concrete examples of how ICT can be used effectively in many different subject areas to engage learners on a practical level.

Identifying and Supporting Asperger Syndrome at KS 3&4: A course for LSAs & Support Staff

Special Needs & Schools
Those attending this course will leave feeling able to identify key characteristics and features of Asperger Syndrome that may be displayed in students/pupils who may currently be undiagnosed and provide information on how best to refer and discuss with parents/carers.

Improving Inclusive Teaching using everyday technology

Special Needs & Schools
Many learners struggle to achieve in education because of minor, often undiagnosed learning differences. Meeting their needs cannot always rely on expert intervention. Everyone can benefit from the introduction of low cost everyday technology to improve access, understanding and achievement.

Improving Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
This course will demonstrate how whole school target setting can be linked to individual pupil targets to raise standards. The training will also explain ways of improving teaching and learning including through developing a clear role for subject co-ordinators; and examine SEN policy, prospectus and publicity.

Leading and Managing a Successful PRU

Special Needs & Schools
This course will explain what constitutes successful practice in PRUs and equip delegates with strategies which will enable them to replicate good practice in their own PRUs. The tenure of the day will be realistic about the problems faced by PRUs, but will inspire the delegates to aim high in overcoming these apparent obstacles.

Making a Good Support Team a Brilliant Support Team!

Special Needs & Schools
The course encourages support-staff, and their leader(s), to think about what makes for good support provision. The SENCO/STL members become equipped to lead their team, and the support-staff are enabled to help define their role, and so are more motivated to successfully deliver their support.

Making an Impact with Data in Special Schools: Practical Strategies for School Improvement (National Conference)

Special Needs & Schools
Special schools are expected to provide evidence to show that they are making progress and meeting the needs of their students. Data is crucial in this process and the onus is upon headteachers and senior leaders in special schools to show that they not only possess this data but that they are using it effectively to drive school improvement.

Making Data Work for You in Your Special School

Special Needs & Schools
Special schools are under more pressure than ever before to provide evidence that they are continuously improving and meeting the needs of their students. Data now plays a crucial role in this process and the onus is upon headteachers and senior leaders in special schools to show that they not only possess the data but that they are using it effectively as an evidence base to drive school improvement.

Managing Behaviour of SEN/AEN Pupils

Special Needs & Schools
This course will examine real-world examples of the situations you are likely to encounter in the classroom, together with powerful and effective techniques to quickly and constructively contain the inappropriate behaviours commonly exhibited by pupils with certain Additional Educational Needs.

The speaker will demonstrate how to lay solid foundations that will help bring about genuine, long-lasting and positive changes to the behaviour exhibited by individual SEN/AEN Pupils and larger groupings.

Managing Children with SEN: Policy, Process, Practice

Special Needs & Schools
This course will raise a greater understanding and awareness of a number of key SEN terms in schools and colleges.

By looking at ways of introducing successful inclusive SEN policies the outcome will be to empower delegates with the confidence and expertise to introduce a range of learning and behaviour management strategies.


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