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If you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from. These are all quality assured courses we have successfully run in the recent past.  They have been delivered exclusively by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.  98% of attendees state they would recommend our courses on their evaluation forms.

To narrow down the list of courses to only those in your chosen subject, simply click below on the area of expertise most applicable to you or your colleagues. Otherwise you will be scrolling all 800 teacher training days in alphabetical order!  If you're planning a Whole School INSET day, our unrivalled range of learning and teaching, pastoral care, behaviour, leadership and Special Educational Needs programmes may well prove of interest.

Once you find a course of interest (or if you already know the INSET topic you would like to run) click on the contact form link on this page, including prospective dates, and we will happily check availability for you.  We are offering a 20% discount on all INSET speakers booked in June and July.  This applies even if you are planning ahead for the next academic year.

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Achieving A* and A grades in A Level Drama and Theatre Studies

This course will take delegates on a journey through the A/S and A2 Drama and Theatre Studies course, with the focus on the top grades. Delegates will explore teaching techniques in a practical way, as well as examining the assessment criteria for the highest level.

Approaches to Edexcel A Level Drama and Theatre Studies: Achieving success

The course will give advice on a course structure that enables teachers to cover all the units whilst managing the demands of practical examinations. There will be examples of Schemes of Work for Unit 1 and samples of high grade Exploration Notes. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the practical examination criteria and to explore a variety of texts for Units 2 & 5. Guidance will be given on the different requirements and best approaches to these units. The accompanying course handbook will include suggestions of suitable texts.

AQA GCSE Drama: How to Deliver Top Results for your Students.

This course is specifically designed for any teacher who is about to take candidates through the AQA GCSE 4240 Drama specification. The day will provide delegates with tips, realistic, practical guidance and ideas on how to deliver the course with minimum stress while maximising candidate achievement.

Assessing Performance in the Arts

Assessing Performance accurately and consistently is a key issue for Arts Leaders. This course is designed to help teachers to standardise across arts disciplines; including music, drama and dance. Teachers of Expressive and Performing arts will be pushed to define their own concept of 'excellence' and teachers of single disciplines will be able to link their own practice to other art subjects, and gain awareness an ensure compatibility with alternative marking practices.

Challenge and Enrichment: Providing Opportunities for Gifted and Talented Pupils in Drama

This course is designed for teachers who are interested in structuring curriculum and extra curricular opportunities for students who are gifted and talented in drama. The course will outline aspects of international research, setting the broader context of gifted education. The criteria for identification of gifted and talented students in drama will be considered. The course includes specific lesson plans and methodology in relation to providing challenge at each key stage.

Creating a Dynamic Expressive Arts Faculty

This course will stimulate debate about the place of the arts in schools and develop strategies for sharing and realising a vision. There will be an analysis of how effective leadership, team building, management and development-planning raises achievement in the Arts. There will be an exploration of collaborative work in the arts as well as the use of professional artists to enhance curriculum provision.

Creative Inclusion: Drama for Students with Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Secondary Schools

The course will examine the many ways that drama can be a valuable learning technique for students with special needs. During the day delegates will learn drama techniques and explore ideas practically.

The course will benefit drama teachers working with SEN students in mixed ability classes as well as providing a range of effective drama strategies for use with small groups with specific needs. Delegates will leave the course feeling more confident about using drama as an important tool to develop confidence, enhance learning and raise self-esteem.

Drama for Non-Specialists

This course will enhance the skills and confidence of professional colleagues in their use of Drama within their own context. It will also offer practical examples of how Drama conventions can enliven a curriculum and engage the sometimes hard to reach learners.

It will be of particular interest to colleagues who are seeking fresh creative approaches to their own practice and that of their subject area.

Drama Techniques and Resources for Non Specialists

Drama is an exciting and challenging subject, which can benefit learners in a whole range of areas. Drama activities can provide an outlet for self-expression as well as improving the skills of cooperation and organisation. It is also an excellent vehicle for exploring topics from across the curriculum and can easily be linked with subjects such as English, History and PSHE. This practical course will introduce the non-specialist to a range of techniques and resources that can be used in a number of contexts across key stages 3 and 4.

Edexcel GCSE Drama: Practical ideas for maximising student achievement

This course will propose a structure to help you underpin successfully the two GCSE years. Delegates will have an opportunity to examine schemes of work for 'Exploration of Drama' through practical work. This will include approaches to Unit 1 (stimulus) and Unit 2 (play text). Examples of portfolios will be discussed in the context of the practical work. Constructive suggestions for approaches to the practical examination and an analysis of the criteria for the performance examination will be discussed.

How to Achieve A* and A grades in GCSE Drama

The course will focus on the achievement of A and A* grades at GCSE. The tutor will provide a framework for course planning and explore lesson plans that stretch and challenge the most able in Drama.

How to Engage Boys in Dance

This practical course will give you the fundamental skills needed to engage boys in dance. During the day delegates will explore how Contact Contemporary Theatre can be used to effectively challenge perceptions and build sustainable male dance in your school environment.

How to Teach an Outstanding Drama Lesson

The course will explore the theory and practice of teaching Outstanding Drama lessons. This course will provide delegates with a range of strategies for developing stimulating resources, the application of AfL in drama, differentiating to ensure good progress, peer and self-assessment.

Delegates will be involved in practical work on a lesson from each Key Stage, which will build confidence in raising their teaching from 'Good' to 'Outstanding'.

Inspiring Drama at Key Stage 3: Themes, Skills and Assessment

The course will present an approach to drama teaching that uses thematic topics to help you in your teaching of specific skills. The lesson plans will link clearly to the Drama Objectives Bank and the Arts Council 'Drama in Schools'. Practical work will introduce a range of teaching techniques - and delegates will be given schemes of work and resources for each topic.

Motivating & Encouraging Reluctant Drama Students

This course emphasises the use of Drama as a process of learning and puts into context the necessity of performance work. It will offer new strategies and approaches to teaching and learning with a focus on the hard to reach and the reluctant learner.

The course will be largely practical using real work that works!

New to Dance for the Non - Dance Specialist

This course will give you the fundamental practical skills needed to teach dance. During the day delegates will learn the language of dance, understand choreographic processes, explore work contact and dance structuring. Develop assessment and evaluation skills. Increase dance knowledge so that you can guide students to reach there full potential.

No Fighting Behind the Curtains, Boys!: Engaging Boys in Drama at KS3 and KS4

The aims of this course are to involve teachers in practical activities which will engage boys in such a way that they make progress and do not impair the experience of the group. Teachers will experience strategies that enable boys to reach their potential in drama. The course will provide strategies and schemes of work that will help encourage boys in drama, without distancing the girls.

Performing Arts - Dynamic Learning at KS4

The course focuses on developing dynamic and effective assessment strategies for GCSE performing arts, drama and expressive arts courses. In order to facilitate this - It will investigate a range of strategies to develop independent learning in students; many of whom may be at the beginning of their exploration of the arts. This will be allied with advice on dynamic methods of capturing assessment that enhances knowledge and skills rather than simply documenting the process.

Performing Arts - Dynamic Learning Post-16

The course focuses on developing dynamic and effective assessment strategies for AS/A2 performing arts and drama courses. In order to facilitate this - It will investigate a range of strategies to develop student ownership of the learning, independent professional attitudes and dynamic methods of capturing assessment that enhances knowledge and skills rather than simply documenting the process.

Practical Strategies to Help Disruptive, Reluctant and SEN Pupils Connect Meaningfully with Shakespeare

This course will provide drama teachers with practical ideas and resources to help enthuse reluctant, disaffected and behaviourally difficult pupils. After the course delegates will feel more confident in their abilities to inspire and involve pupils with Special Education Needs to connect with the Language of Shakespeare - and begin teaching to the ability not the disability. Attendees will leave the course with practical techniques to ensure pupils understand the text, have fun learning about the play and in the process develop real drama skills and boost their self esteem.

Producing the School Play

This course offers some practical advice on how to get the most out of the inique opportunities offered by the production of the school performance. Delegates will explore the beneifts or the function of putting in "The School Play".

Providing Successfully for Gifted and Talented Students in Drama

This course will consider the identification of gifted and talented students in drama through and exploration of creativity, dramatic skill and sensitivity. Delegates will have an opportunity to participate in practical sessions where sample lessons from KS3, GCSE and A level will provide structures and strategies to challenge and to extend G&T students within a mixed ability group. Delegates will become skilled in assessment and target setting to stretch the most able in drama.

QCF BTEC Performing Arts Qualifications: Delivering Outstanding Programmes in your Centre

This course provides a practical insight into the setting up, delivery and assessment of the new QCF BTEC Performing Arts qualifications. The course will help you plan the delivery of your programme and understand how to implement the required quality assurance procedures.

Delegates will be given information about assessment requirements and practical guidance to help you develop effective and interesting assignments to motivate learners and maximise achievement.

Running a Dynamic and Successful Drama Department

Raising the status of drama within your school by raising grades and attracting the right students for GCSE and above. Aiming to keep and present meaningful data on your students.

Classroom management and control, behaviour management and having high, achievable expectations. Milestone assessment in drama. Selling your department and getting noticed: Getting recruitment (of students) at GCSE and A Level right; Making high impact drama memorable for your students.

Successful Approaches to GCSE Drama at Key Stage 4

This course will be of interest to new and experienced teachers of Drama who are looking for: effective ways of planning, structuring and teaching Drama at GCSE; practical approaches to play texts; new ideas for coursework components; and stratagies for improving examination success.


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