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If you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from. These are all quality assured courses we have successfully run in the recent past.  They have been delivered exclusively by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.  98% of attendees state they would recommend our courses on their evaluation forms.

To narrow down the list of courses to only those in your chosen subject, simply click below on the area of expertise most applicable to you or your colleagues. Otherwise you will be scrolling all 800 teacher training days in alphabetical order!  If you're planning a Whole School INSET day, our unrivalled range of learning and teaching, pastoral care, behaviour, leadership and Special Educational Needs programmes may well prove of interest.

Once you find a course of interest (or if you already know the INSET topic you would like to run) click on the contact form link on this page, including prospective dates, and we will happily check availability for you.  We are offering a 20% discount on all INSET speakers booked in June and July.  This applies even if you are planning ahead for the next academic year.

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Special Schools and the Creative Curriculum: Implications, Opportunities and Solutions

Special Needs & Schools
Following the Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum and the recent work at Key Stage 3, schools are being actively encouraged to consider the curriculum they offer their pupils. For school leaders the message seems clear: do something creative with your curriculum!

But what is that exactly and how can it be achieved in special schools? How are cross curricula dimensions different from topic-work? How can we activate skills-based learning? What impact will this have on standards?

Students with Epilepsy: Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies

Special Needs & Schools
This course will give an overview of the nature of epilepsy and the impact on learning.

A working knowledge of the condition and practical strategies to accommodate the learning needs of students with epilepsy are vital tools to ensure that SENCOs, Teachers and Learning Support Assistants are equipped to manage epilepsy and constructively in the classroom.

The course comprises theory with practical ideas for classroom management.

Subject Leadership Skills for Staff in Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
Subject leadership in special schools is particularly challenging. The needs of pupils are diverse, the age range of the pupils often covers five key stages and subject leaders often lead more than one subject! This course will give staff a clear, structured and systematic approach to leading and managing the key elements of a subject. It will also help staff to identify their own areas of strength and areas for development in terms of effective subject leadership.

Successful Teamwork in Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the conditions needed for teams to be effective and how they can promote teamwork in their schools. During the day we will look at why teams exist, the importance of teams having a clear brief and being well led, how the individuals who make up teams affect the team overall and the strategies team leaders can use to make teams effective and accountable.

Supporting Dyscalculic Students in Secondary Schools

Special Needs & Schools
Delegates will understand what dyscalculia is and how it impinges on
a secondary student’s learning, self-esteem and possible achievement
across the curriculum.

Supporting Dyspraxic Students in Secondary Schools

Special Needs & Schools
Delegates will understand what dyspraxia is and how it can impinge on a student's learning, behaviour and academic achievement. Delegates will be better able to develop strategies within the classroom and school environment to give dyspraxic students full access to the curriculum.

This also raises the social profile and academic expectations of dyspraxic students. Delegates will be confident to use specific learning and study techniques and ICT recourses specifically designed with the dyspraxic student in mind.

Supporting Secondary Students with Asperger's Syndrome to fulfil their potential

Special Needs & Schools
Many students with Asperger's Syndrome struggle at Secondary School and sometimes they can become very anxious and unhappy. They may exhibit challenging behaviour and often don't fulfil their potential.

This one day course is designed to give school staff an understanding of Asperger's Syndrome and the difficulties that students with Asperger's Syndrome may experience in both school and everyday life. Based on this understanding of the condition, strategies are provided for staff to support students with Asperger's Syndrome to fulfil their potential.

Supporting Students with Asperger Syndrome in Post-16 Education

Special Needs & Schools
Delegates attending this course will be able to better understand and support learners with Asperger Syndrome. They will gain an in-depth knowledge of this complex condition and the extent of its impact on individuals affected by it. Attendees will leave the course equipped with practical tools and strategies for creating a learning environment which enables learners with Asperger Syndrome to meet their potential.

Surviving and Succeeding with Special Educational Needs

Special Needs & Schools
The aim of this course is to introduce and enhance Learning Support Assistants' knowledge of a number of important issues relating to pupils with varying special edcational needs, and to help attendees to develop effective strategies and solutions to work with a wide range of students.

The Do's and Don'ts of Manual Handling

Special Needs & Schools
The Education Bill 2011, addresses fundamental concerns regarding what teachers should and should not be allowed to do when it comes to handling pupils physically. A clear understanding of the right of teachers and staff to search pupils balanced against a knowledge of the rights of the child is a basic requirement of all teaching staff.

The Dyslexia Aware School - Raising the Achievement and Attainment of Vulnerable Learners

Special Needs & Schools
This course pulls together a number of National Imperatives - Personalised Learning, Assessment for Learning, ECM and the Inclusion Development Programme (IDP) into a coherent and deliverable strategy, using the Dyslexia Aware School as the vehicle for whole school improvement.

The Dyslexic in the Classroom

Special Needs & Schools
This one-day course is designed to give teachers an opportunity to
identify and address the problems that pupils with this specific learning
difficulty encounter throughout the curriculum.
Topics covered include practical techniques on how to improve the
reading, spelling, handwriting, listening skills, memory and revision
techniques, examination skills, organisation and the homework of your
dyslexic students.

The Highly Effective SENCO

Special Needs & Schools
The course will give a clear picture on the issues surrounding the identification and education of pupils with special needs in mainstream secondary schools. Delegates will understand what challenges may arise when working with students with SEN and how these can best be approached and addressed within their own school setting.

Using IWBs Effectively for SEN Support

Special Needs & Schools
At the end of this course delegates will be able to use their IWB confidently and will be able to use all the available tools imaginatively when creating resources for their pupils with SEN. They will know where to obtain additional resources and software that work well on their IWB and will find out how to incorporate all their existing software when using their boards.

Wondering about Creating? Art, Craft & Design for Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
What level are your learners working at? Are they capable of more? This course will give you organisational prompts to enable you to create a climate for learning that sets the scene for pupils to be actively engaged with their own learning.

Working Outdoors in Special Schools

Special Needs & Schools
The course will give delegates an improved understanding of why outdoor learning is of significant benefit to young people with special needs. It will show clearly how you can improve and develop an outdoor programme in your school which will involve practical ideas and suggestions based on a real model. Finally it will explode the myth of risk and danger and suggest a working risk assessment programme.


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