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Supporting Dyscalculic Students in Secondary Schools

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Delegates will understand what dyscalculia is and how it impinges on
a secondary student’s learning, self-esteem and possible achievement
across the curriculum. They will also receive a structured developmental
teaching plan to use with dyscalculic pupils of all ages.
Attendees will be better able to develop strategies within the
classroom and school environment to give dyscalculic students
access to the curriculum and will be made aware of the wide range
of resources specifically designed for the dyscalculic student.

Aims of the course are to:
• Define and raise awareness of dyscalculia, why it occurs and
how dyscalculia is assessed
• Present an effective developmental teaching plan in order to
develop numeracy skills for the dyscalculic student
• Give guidance so that dyscalculic pupils have full access to the
• Gain an awareness of resources available to help dyslexic pupils



Arrival, registration and coffee


Restaurant Lunch


Understanding Dyscalculia

• What is Dyscalculia? Reasons for being dyscalculic

• Methods of assessing Dyscalculia

• Commencing numeracy support; concept of number and number bonds


Achieving and Succeeding

• Concept of fractions, percentages, discounts and profits/loss

• Why ‘time' can be an issue: telling the time, estimating time, being on time, bus and train timetables

•Developing students' confidence in tackling examination questions


Other Support Strategies

Dyscalculic friendly secondary schools: coping with dyscalculic students

• Resources for the dyscalculic student




Evaluation and close of course


Providing Practical Help

• Visual and physical barriers which prevent the development of numeracy skills

• Place value, decimals, currency, length, weight and volume


Sue P

Sue Peace presenter of this dyscalculia course

is the Numeracy and Mathematics Advisor to a Dyslexia Centre that is part of a university in Wales. She is an experienced teacher who has taught mathematics at every Key Stage level, including GCSE and A Level. Sue works as a numeracy and literacy support teacher and trains teachers, classroom assistants and parents who are supporting dyscalculic, dyslexic and dyspraxic pupils.

Sue is a qualified Brain Gym® Consultant and Instructor and is the creator of “Movement and Numeracy” – a programme developed for students of all ages, who have specific difficulties in developing numeracy skills and understanding mathematical concepts. She teaches this course internationally, including the programme at the IAK Kongress in Frieburg, Germany and in Australia. Sue has published several articles about dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dyslexia and movement since completing a higher degree in this field.

Suitable for: 
Preparatory/Primary, Senior/Secondary, Special Schools, Post 16/FE Colleges
Scheduled Events, In-school Training

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