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If you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from. These are all quality assured courses we have successfully run in the recent past.  They have been delivered exclusively by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.  98% of attendees state they would recommend our courses on their evaluation forms.

To narrow down the list of courses to only those in your chosen subject, simply click below on the area of expertise most applicable to you or your colleagues. Otherwise you will be scrolling all 800 teacher training days in alphabetical order!  If you're planning a Whole School INSET day, our unrivalled range of learning and teaching, pastoral care, behaviour, leadership and Special Educational Needs programmes may well prove of interest.

Once you find a course of interest (or if you already know the INSET topic you would like to run) click on the contact form link on this page, including prospective dates, and we will happily check availability for you.  We are offering a 20% discount on all INSET speakers booked in June and July.  This applies even if you are planning ahead for the next academic year.

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Continuing Professional Development for Teachers, Lecturers and Support Staff: Measuring the Return on Investment

Increasingly 'Staff Development' is being regarded as a business driver, critical to the future success of the school. All departments within schools are being asked to demonstrate the impact they are having on pupil success and the investment that the school makes in staff development is no exception.
Measuring 'Return on Investment' in this area is not easy but it is possible. This event will focus on the issues that need to be considered and explore the process that can be adopted to undertake this activity.

Aims of the course are to:

Costing the Curriculum

The methods introduced will be directly relevant and of immediate use to your school. The innovative techniques Mervyn demonstrates will shed fresh light on what can otherwise be an arduous and unenviable task. Attending this highly regarded course will prove of real benefit to your school in its future curriculum development and timetabling activities.

Developing a Quality Assembly Programme within Secondary Schools

Through an effective assembly programme you can build a strong, caring community alongside a positive school ethos. This course will explore the development and implementation of a quality school assembly programme to support and enhance government initiatives such as Every Child Matters, Personal Development & Wellbeing, and SEAL.

Developing as a Highly Effective CPD Co-ordinator

The course is designed to examine what constitutes a highly effective CPD co-ordinator. The role is vital and essential in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning and school performance. The requirements for developing the CPD role to have real impact for the staff, students and school community will be reviewed.

Developing Provision for Post 16 Gifted and Talented Learners

This course aims to support senior managers and teachers in sixth forms and FE colleges wanting to develop provision for their most able learners. Aimhigher focuses on Post-16 gifted and talented learners as a key target group. This course will help those involved in post 16 education take practical steps to improve their provision for G&T students, by looking at current practice and introducing G&T policies and strategies within individual institutions to help students maximise their attainment.
Aims of the course are to:

Developing the Intregrated Curriculum at KS3

A significant number of schools have seen the benefit for their pupils in developing 'the integrated curriculum'. It has provided a means for personalised learning, for developing more confident, self-aware and more successful students capable of meeting the demands of the 21st Century. However, schools have developed a variety of forms of this Curriculum, Which is the best model for your school, your students and staff? This course will provide delegates with an opportunity to scrutinise the various models currently in practice.

Diversifying your Teaching for Personalising Learning

This course is for all those people that know that one size does not fit all, that equal is not fair and that the only thing in the middle of the road is a white line and some squashed frog - but haven't known what to do about it in the face of 'National' curriculum and standardised testing.
Understanding the important differences and being able to respond to them - to allow students to feel that they are being given the opportunity to fulfil their view of their potential - is something which some can do naturally, but which needs to occur across the board.

Do I really want to be a Head Teacher?

Gaining your first headship is more than gaining the relevant qualifications and experience. It is crucial that you know yourself very well, be clear about your vision and how you will lead a team towards it. You also need to be able to communicate this vision to a wide variety of people - including students, parents and staff, as well as the governors.

Effective Classroom Observation & Feedback: Post-16

Having attended this course delegates will be able to identify appropriate criteria to judge the quality of Post-16 teaching and learning. Recognising appropriate protocols and methods for observing teachers and - crucially providing effective feedback to observed teachers, will also be covered.

The course will also show delegates how to recognise themes for quality improvement in teaching and learning at Post-16.

Effective Classroom Observation and Feedback

This course is designed to develop the skills of observing lessons and giving high quality feedback. It will look at the key issues in completing lesson observations, particularly the importance of developing analysis, evaluation and evidence.

The focus will be on observing lessons using the new OfSTED guidance for departmental or school self-evaluation and the new performance management framework. The final session will look at strategies for effectively feeding back to colleagues, particularly where there are areas for development.

Effective Leadership of BTEC Programmes

This course will provide practical advice to enhance the effectiveness of the BTEC provision in your department and/or centre. It provides clear guidelines help to those involved in the leadership of BTECs to ensure that awarding body requirements are met, programmes run smoothly and learner achievement is maximised.

There will be advice on developing appropriate systems, policies and procedures to ensure teachers and learners are supported and that you get the most out of your BTEC provision.

Effective Use of Data for Middle Leaders

Delegates will be introduced to the current range of 'external measures' available to schools - and practical exercises will be used to investigate the potential uses of these techniques to a middle leader. This will be followed by a review of current systems for 'target setting' at school, subject and pupil level. Software will be provided (specifically designed to assist in this process) with the opportunity for hands-on practical experience using 'dummy' data.

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

This essential training, for all head teachers and senior managers, demonstrates the profound impact emotional intelligence can have on leadership - and how it can improve learning and achievement in your school.

Emotional Intelligence in Team Leadership

Delegates will explore how to create emotionally intelligent teams in schools, raise achievement through successful leadership, make performance management a motivating and potent force within their school or team, how to resolve conflict and build real teams, and how to motivate others towards a shared vision of a successful future.

Essential Law for Teaching Professionals

'The law is a ass, an idiot!'

Do you feel as Mr. Bumble did, in Charles Dickens' book Oliver Twist, when you think about current law in this country and the way it impacts on day to day life in school? Is it time to update your school policies and practices to reflect the demands of the law?

On leaving this course, delegates will have a clearer understanding of the law in relation to the subjects discussed and will be better equipped to initiate and implement change in their schools, if needed.

Evaluating Your Sixth Form Accurately

Focusing on the current OfSTED evaluation schedule and self-evaluation form (SEF), this course will look at how to evaluate the main aspects of a school sixth form.

Starting with a focus on how sixth forms in secondary schools are currently inspected, there will be an emphasis on good practice in writing the sixth form sections of self-evaluation forms.

Everyone different, Everyone Special: Working with the Single Equality Bill

Since November 2010 all schools have to demonstrate compliance with the new Single Equality legislation. This means that, as well as continuing current work on gender, race and disability, schools will now have to demonstrate how they are including young people and staff under eight protected characteristics. This is a massive change for schools, and support to implement these changes has been widely different across the country.

Excelling as a Subject Leader: Successfully Establishing the 'X Factor' in Your Department

An excellent classroom practitioner, an efficient department manager and an inspirational leader are all key factors in successful subject leadership. This course addresses those three requirements with clear definitions, helpful support and practical advice.

Financial Management Standard and Toolkit: How to get it to work for your school

This course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of the Dfes new Financial Management Standard and Toolkit, and how it can start to be implemented into their school to improve better financial management and control. The day will also show how to use the standard in both the secondary and primary sector to enable best practice in financial control and to comply with audit requirements.

Fit Your Own Mask First

This course gives you clear and up-to-date knowledge and skills to take charge of your thoughts and feelings in positive and helpful ways. It explains the psychology of successfully being the best you can be to make more of a difference to young people.

You will leave the course with powerful ideas that you can use every day to maximise your potential and self esteem.

Flicking the Switch - Re- Engaging Disaffected Students

This course explores the causes of disaffection, the impact that disaffection can have on both the learner and their learning; and will focus on strategies to support and re-engage the disaffected students. Later, we will explore key strategies for making learning a positive and motivating experience, for supporting all learners as they engage in the learning process; and for seeking support from parents, carers and outside agencies when disaffection interrupts engagement with learning.

From Middle Manager to Leadership Group

This course is intended for teachers who are already contributing significantly at middle leadership level and now wish to develop the perspectives and practical skills needed to make an effective contribution at Leadership Group level. It will also be suitable for newly appointed assistant headteachers.

Gifted and Talented: Leading a Whole School Approach

This course is aimed at teachers and managers who are embarking upon the introduction of a Gifted and Talented strategy. Fresh ideas regarding curriculum provision, teaching and learning styles and enrichment opportunities will be examined.

The tutor will demonstrate how to develop a practical whole-school approach involving all teachers, parents and pupils. Melissa will also provide constructive advice on how best to provide often neglected - but much needed - pastoral support to your gifted individuals.

Good to Outstanding Leadership: How to Coach Your Colleagues to Maximise Impact - Fast!

Would you like to discover a quick, easy way to boost your colleagues' performance and unlock their potential? Our coaching is proven to help staff become even more successful. It can help you to avoid time-wasting, stressful meetings and dramatically improve your impact and results.

Head of Department/Subject Leader Refresher Course

Expectations of Middle Managers have changed out of all recognition in recent years. New initiatives have added to the job, with data analysis, target setting, performance management and the SEF all requiring new skills. How should a subject leader be both Challenging and Supportive?


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