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If you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from. These are all quality assured courses we have successfully run in the recent past.  They have been delivered exclusively by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.  98% of attendees state they would recommend our courses on their evaluation forms.

To narrow down the list of courses to only those in your chosen subject, simply click below on the area of expertise most applicable to you or your colleagues. Otherwise you will be scrolling all 800 teacher training days in alphabetical order!  If you're planning a Whole School INSET day, our unrivalled range of learning and teaching, pastoral care, behaviour, leadership and Special Educational Needs programmes may well prove of interest.

Once you find a course of interest (or if you already know the INSET topic you would like to run) click on the contact form link on this page, including prospective dates, and we will happily check availability for you.  We are offering a 20% discount on all INSET speakers booked in June and July.  This applies even if you are planning ahead for the next academic year.

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OCR Synoptic Assessment : the Socio-Cultural Areas

This training will provide strategies for effective teaching and learning; refer constantly to exam requirements and technique; provide opportunities to share concerns and have questions answered. The day will explore the relevant theories in detail, and the approach will be both practical and informal.

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in PE

Delegates attending this course will be clear about the role that Outdoor/Adventurous Activities can play in the PE curriculum. They will be able to plan and organise activities which can be delivered onsite during curriculum time, and which require few resources or staff training.

The course will deal with the theory of planning these activities, and will also give delegates practical experience of doing the activities themselves.

Outdoor Education & the 24 Hour Curriculum

The course will give delegates an improved understanding of why outdoor learning is of significant benefit to all young people. How outdoor learning can significantly contribute to the 24 hour curriculum.
It will explode the myth of litigation and risk assessment and offer a working model. Finally it will give practical ideas on setting up your own outdoor programme in your own resource. The course will be delivered using practical and interactive aspects where possible.

Outdoor Education on the School Campus

The benefits of outdoor education are well known. They include team building, problem solving, tolerance and co-operation. These educational benefits are relevant to both the physical education and citizenship curricula. However, cost, safety considerations and time constraints often make visits to specialist centres impractical. This exciting course clearly shows how the benefits of Outdoor Education can be made available to all your pupils within your school setting. These activities can be used at any time of the year and can be done indoors as well as out.

PE/Sports Studies: Inspiring Teaching & Learning Strategies for New Specifications AS Skill Acquisition Modules

Whether you're new to AS teaching, new to this area of the specification or would like to freshen up your lessons for the implementation of the New Specification then this course will be invaluable to you. The course will cover many of the major areas of the specifications.

The aims of the course are to:
* Address issues relating to schemes of work and programmes of study as a means of ensuring that the specification is comprehensively covered
* Offer suggestions for staff and student planning and organisation

PE/Sports Studies: New and Inspiring Teaching and Learning Strategies for A2 Psychology of Sport Modules

This is a new and exciting approach to delivering the A2 Sports Psychology modules for A level PE/Sports Studies. This course is appropriate for all Examination Boards offering the A level PE Sports Studies. This course will prepare colleagues new to the area (as well as more experienced colleagues) for the specifications that are in place now and the new specifications from September 2008.

Physical Education for the Non-Specialist: Practical Teaching Strategies

The course will look at the planning and assessment of lessons, according to QCA guidelines, and will ensure that non-specialist teachers receive the guiding principles they require. This will allow their students - who arrive with a variety of skills and levels of ability - to make progress according to the syllabus, based upon the four areas of assessment.

Physical Education: Making Inclusion Work

This course will help you in: providing effectively for a wide range of needs; developing specialist knowledge, provision and support; ensuring a learning environment suitable for all children to achieve their best; and reviewing department approaches which adjust to the child instead of the child just "fitting into" current provision.

Physical Education: OCR AS G451 - The Theory Paper

This course will be motivating, confidence boosting, carefully focused and enjoyable. You will leave with more ideas for successful teaching and learning and, crucially, for how to prepare your candidates even more successfully for their G451 exam.

Delegates will be clear on how to best prepare candidates for the 10-mark questions - and how to assess their work throughout the year. A short session in the afternoon will be in subject specific focus groups...sharing resources and teaching ideas.

Physical Education: Preparing to Become a Head of Department

In order to move into Departmental Management ambitious young teachers will need to show that they are able to effectively organise and manage their time, their tasks and other people.

This course will provide opportunities for you to consider effective management styles, strategies and leadership qualities. We will look at the organisation and development planning for the successful leadership of a PE Department and consider the current issues surrounding the leadership and management of a dynamic and successful PE department.

Practical Strategies for the Secondary School Sports Coordinator to Develop Effective Partnerships with Primary PE

As a result of attending this course you will be able to identify a structure for the content, ideas and activities in the gymnastics, dance and games curriculum. You will be able to watch children performing a range of skills in all three areas of activity - and identify how they may achieve high quality PE and progression across the key stage(s).
Aims of the course are to:
* identify strategies to achieve continuity and progression in the Gymnastics, Dance and Games curriculum
* identify strategies for assessment for learning

Preparing Candidates for Examination in the Psychology Option of OCR A2 Unit G453

At the end of the course, delegates should have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements within the Sports Psychology option of the OCR Unit G453 examination paper.

Delegates will receive a scheme of work, a programme of delivery and suggested strategies for delivery of the topic areas with the Sports Psychology module.

Preparing Candidates for OCR A2 Synoptic Examination

At the end of the course delegates should have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the OCR Synoptic examination (Unit 2566).

Delegates will receive examples of high quality answers, together with ideas for planning and delivery of this module.

The aims of the course are to:
* familiarise delegates with the OCR Synoptic Unit (2566) requirements
* create a framework for high quality student answers
* explore avenues for subject delivery
* identify good examination technique

Preparing Candidates for the Acquiring Movement Skills G451 OCR extended question

Delegates will gain a valuable insight into the marking methodology of the extended questions at AS level, together with strategies that can be used to prepare students for this component of the course.

Providing for the Gifted and Talented in PE

This course will examine ways in which PE departments and schools can challenge their Gifted and Talented students, in lessons, in Out of Hours work and in the school as a whole. It will explore strategies for challenge whilst also keeping students motivated, and will examine the roles which parents and clubs can play in providing challenge.

Raising Standards in AS/A2 PE: The Psychology of Sport Modules

The training will help you in your planning of the A2 programme for all examination boards' sports psychology modules; propose strategies for effective teaching - as well as reviewing and updating the content of the various curricula in detail.

Self Review of the PE Department

This course will examine the process of self evaluation of the department enabling participants to form accurate judgements about where they are currently, to judge this against various expectations and to begin to plan for any required improvements. The course will include case studies and task sheets to be used back at school with other department staff.

Self-assessment in Sport (SAR) & Self-evaluation (SEF) for PE and Leisure Departments. Key principles to their structure, completion and use

Delegates will know what is expected and valued in self-evaluation / assessment reports. They will be able to plan and implement their own department’s self-assessment, identify their department’s strengths and weaknesses and explore ways in which evidence can be gathered to support their judgements. Evidence such as success rates data, observing teaching and learning and outcomes from enrichment activities will be understood by delegates. Attendees will be more effective in applying such evidence - and in preparing an effective action plan.

Strategies & Approaches for Implementing the Secondary Curriculum Review for Key Stage 3 Physical Education

Delegates attending this course will obtain a clear understanding of how the revised National Curriculum may be implemented successfully into your school's PE curriculum.

The day will embrace all the aspects and approaches identified within the programme of study. It will also consider the 'key processes', 'key concepts' - together with the 'range and content' of the curriculum and how they may be applied into your schools' timetable.


Lighthouse Professional Development conferences offer students a rich, memorable, learning experience.

This is now the second year for examinations for the 'new' specifications and lessons have been learned from the first year of examination and the first round of examination papers.

Teaching an Outstanding PE Lesson

Delegates will be able to identify a wide variety of effective strategies to ensure the quality of their teaching will provide pupils with the most effective learning environment. You will be able to consider these teaching strategies in relation to 'Outstanding' OfSTED criteria.

Teaching GCSE PE for the First Time

This course will outline the requirements for the GCSE in PE for Edexcel, OCR and AQA and cover the generic content which links all three exam boards as well as making specific reference to individual requirements. In addition to covering the content for the theory and controlled assessment components there will also be guidance regarding the most effective delivery methods which can be used.

The Biomechanical Aspects of AS and A2 Physical Education and Sports Studies

Biomechanics is a scientific and logical component of the A-level specification. It has been proved that high marks in examination questions are accessible to ALL candidates. Sadly, however, it remains one of the least popular modules to be taught. This course is guaranteed to "tempt" teachers into considering its delivery in their centres. The approach will be friendly and informal, so prior knowledge of this subject area is certainly not essential, although the course will also help teachers who are currently teaching this topic area.

The Effective School Sports Co-ordinator

Delegates will leave this course with a detailed knowledge of the role of the SSCO within the School Sport Partnership and have a full understanding of the ten strands of the PESSYP [PE School Sport and Young People] programme. They will feel equipped to manage the day to day organisation of activities, and delegates will also receive comprehensive information about effective time management and record keeping.

The Essential Guide to Success as an NQT in PE

This course seeks to build upon and enhance the core competencies required of the modern PE teacher. It aims to focus on teaching and learning principals - dealing with fundamentals such as risk management, assessment and self-assessment. The essential practices such as parental communication, kit strategies and behaviour management will also be discussed.

We will take a hands-on approach from the start and seek to stretch all teachers to better cope with the challenges they will encounter during their first year and provide a focus for their future direction.


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