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We are running many hotel-based courses for teachers this spring and summer term. To view the dates and locations of those click on "Up Coming CPD Events" in the menu bar above.

However, if you are looking for a course to run onsite at your school or college, we have over 800 to chose from covering a multitude of subjects. These are courses we have successfully run in the recent past and are all delivered by trusted trainers that consistently receive great feedback.

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Dealing with Difficult Visitors and Other Unexpected Tricky Situations

Administrators & Office Staff
As a member of the admininistration staff dealing with parents, visitors, outside agencies etc, you will sometimes find yourself facing a difficult situation for which you are not prepared. You may be presented with unexpected hostility or criticism, or an emotional outburst, or refusal to listen, or aggressive demands. These encounters can leave you feeling upset and undermined.

Here is an opportunity to learn some skills and strategies which will help you to manage these difficult encounters with confidence.

Essential Skills for School & College Reception Staff

Administrators & Office Staff
People at the front line of any organisation often feel they are not given the support and credit for the role they fulfil.
This course will emphasise the critical nature of this key job. It will increase personal confidence as well as developing skills. It aims to get under the skin of positive thinking and enhance delegates' potential to act in a professional and positive way as the public face of the school to parents, visitors and anyone contacting the school.

Leading & Managing the Office Team

Administrators & Office Staff
As the manager of a team in the school office you make a vital contribution to the smooth running and success of the whole institution. You are required to show administrative, personal and managerial skills in a pressurised and busy environment and to meet increased demands from every area of the school or college community. This course will encourage you to develop some of the skills which are essential to the successful management of other people.

Personal Effectiveness for Office Professionals

Administrators & Office Staff
Administrative staff are crucial to the effective functioning of schools and colleges. This course will help you to develop some of the personal skills that will enhance your professionalism and enable you to deal confidently with demanding people and challenging situations.

You will have the opportunity to practise assertive behaviour and clear communication - as well as learning some stress management techniques to help you to stay calm under pressure.

Presenting for the Terrified

Administrators & Office Staff
During this very practical day delegates gradually build their confidence and ability in the art of presenting, in a safe and supportive context. Confidence is increased and anxiety reduced as participants identify the practices which can make them an excellent presenter. There will be the opportunity on the course to try out a variety of strategies to find their own ‘best fit’.

Stressed! I'm not stressed I'm too busy to be stressed!

Administrators & Office Staff
Schools and colleges can be very stressful environments in which to work. A large number of administrators leaving educational environments do so because they are too stressed to continue. We all need some stress in our lives, that stress is termed as good stress. This one-day course will examine good and bad stress and will help the delegates identify their stressors. Proven, effective strategies for stress reduction and stress release will be given, so that delegates will feel more in control of their working lives and be able to work more effectively.
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