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Practical Counselling Skills for Teachers & Support Staff

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Pupils cannot learn when they are preoccupied with emotional upsets.  Through effective counselling you can enhance their learning and achievement.  This course aims to build your confidence and affirm your present counselling practices when dealing with pupils’ issues and concerns.  It will give you the opportunity to try out non-directive counselling and the new directive Client Centered Behaviour Therapy.  By using emotional intelligence you will also acquire skills and guidance on how to deal with children’s grief and bullying.  Delegates will receive Jeanie’s Practical Counselling Skills book.

Aims of the course are to:

  • Build your confidence and emotional intelligence when working with pupils who need your support.
  • Enable you to hear what your pupils are really telling you and how to help them to build their resilience.
  • Provide you with a step-by-step format of how to work through a counselling session effectively.
  • Offer you a way of using Client Centered Behaviour Therapy.
  • Give you practical tips to work with the withdrawn or bullied pupil.

Who should attend?
Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Non-teaching Support Staff, Librarians, School Nurses


9:30Arrival, registration and coffee12:45Restaurant Lunch
10:00Pitfalls in Counselling Pupils
  • Using Emotional Intelligence in counselling.
  • Listening to the music behind the words.
  • Awareness of the differing psychological learning styles and steps.
13:45Developing Resilience in Pupils
  • Managing extreme emotions of grief and anger.
  • Client Centered Behaviour Therapy.
  • What you think is what you feel.
  • Practical use of CCBT.
11:00Coffee14:45Personal school experiences
11:15Practical Counselling skills15:45Evaluation and close of course

Jeanie C

Jeanie Civil

Jeanie Civil is a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychometric tester and author, but foremost she is a teacher. She has worked with post-16 students for decades and run student support services in three colleges and recently featured in three counselling training films. Jeanie's career has included being a PE teacher, Head of Student Counselling, Head of General and Community Education and Head of Health and Childcare.

She was the lead tutor on the Diploma in Counselling for Teachers for 20 years and her MSc research focused on the ‘Misconceptions of Counselling in Further Education’. Jeanie is a widely published author and broadcaster. Her most recent books are Practical Counselling Skills and Advanced Counselling Skills.

Suitable for: 
Preparatory/Primary, Senior/Secondary, Special Schools, Post 16/FE Colleges
Scheduled Events, In-school Training

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