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Memory Activities for the MFL classroom

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Memory underpins every aspect of successful language learning.
Learners depend on their memories both to interpret spoken and
written texts, and to speak and write effectively. Without memory
they also have no means of developing in these skills. As language
teachers it follows then that a key aim for us is to optimise our
learners’ memory for language - to help them remember the
sounds, words, chunks, structures and textual conventions of the
target language.
This course will explore a wide range of practical and motivating
activities for MFL Classrooms, which can help with both making
language memorable,


Who should attend?
Teachers of MFL in secondary schools


9:30Arrival, registration and coffee13:00Restaurant Lunch
Making Language Memorable
• What do learners remember from our classes
• How to make language memorable
• Sample activities
Improving working memory
• The importance of working memory in language
• How to improve working memory
• Working memory training activities
Learning by heart
• Learning by heart as a strategy for MFL exams
• Text memorisation as a route towards more fluent speech
• Ways to facitlitate text memorisation
11:15Coffee15:45Evaluation and close of course
Effective Retrieval Activities
• The importance of regular and systematic retrieval of
• Reviewing games for the classroom
Personalised retrieval activities

Nick B

Nick is a freelance teacher, teacher trainer, language consultant and author, and has been involved in language teaching for over 20 years in a wide range of diverse and challenging contexts.

He is the author of two recent books: Dialogue Activities and Memory Activities for Language Learning. Nick is a regular presenter at the Language Show and other conferences worldwide, and is well known for his workshops exploring engaging and learning-rich activities.

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Senior/Secondary, Special Schools, Post 16/FE Colleges
Scheduled Events, In-school Training

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