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Advanced Counselling Skills for Teachers & Support Staff

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This course is aimed at teachers that already have experience of counselling students and/or have attended Jeanie’s introductory Lighthouse course ‘Practical Counselling Skills for Teachers’. It aims to give you more confidence when counselling students. Many school and college staff have a great deal of experience of counselling students, without necessarily knowing about the next steps.

This course aims to offer you the opportunity of experiencing different counselling theories and practices. It will help you practise and develop practical skills in both direct and non-directive counselling and key aspects from Rogerian, Gestalt, Psychodrama, Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Many of these skills will also have a positive effect on your classroom teaching. All delegates will receive Jeanie’s Advanced Counselling Skills book.

Who should attend?
Teachers, Learning Support Assistants, School & College Nurses, Non-teaching staff.


9:30Arrival, registration and coffee12:45Restaurant Lunch
10:10The Rogerian approach
  • The importance of being person-centred in all the different approaches
  • Creating rapport through harmonious language
13:45The Gestalt approach
  • Directive, addressing thoughts and feelings. Asking What or How, not Why. Using the empty chair method for dealing with loss or bullying. A way of helping the person to appreciate others’ behaviour and feelings.
11:00Coffee14:30Symbolism - The Psychodrama approach
  • Revealing subliminal and unfinished issues.
11:15The Transactional Analysis approach
  • Discovering why communications can go wrong
  • Psychological games
  • Identifying your motivators
  • Childhood scripting - negative and positive messages. What they are and how to use or change them
  • Analysing what is happening in the communications between pupils, peers, parents and partners
  • Listening to the ego state. Understanding, and practising using differing ego states, how to recognise and apply them.
15:30Zipping up & next steps. Reflecting and evaluating your skills
12:15The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach
  • Emotions govern behaviour! How you think is how you feel. Change your thinking and language and you change your behaviour.
15:45Evaluation and close of course

Jeanie C

Jeanie Civil

Jeanie Civil is a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychometric tester and author, but foremost she is a teacher. She has worked with post-16 students for decades and run student support services in three colleges and recently featured in three counselling training films. Jeanie's career has included being a PE teacher, Head of Student Counselling, Head of General and Community Education and Head of Health and Childcare.

She was the lead tutor on the Diploma in Counselling for Teachers for 20 years and her MSc research focused on the ‘Misconceptions of Counselling in Further Education’. Jeanie is a widely published author and broadcaster. Her most recent books are Practical Counselling Skills and Advanced Counselling Skills.

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Preparatory/Primary, Senior/Secondary, Special Schools, Post 16/FE Colleges
Scheduled Events, In-school Training

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